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6 hrs


Joy Gendusa

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Course Overview

1. What you will learn in this course

2. How to Determine Your Marketing Budget

3. Response Rate and Lifetime Value

4. How to Track Your Marketing

5. Find Out What Your Competition Is Doing

6. Unique Selling Proposition

7. The Perfect Ad

8. Mailing Lists are Your Target Market

9. How to Design for Marketing

10. Designing for Marketing: Part 2 - The Offer

11. Designing for Marketing: Part 3

12. How to Effectively Use Direct Mail

13. Intro to Online Marketing

14. How to Get Found on the Internet

15. How to Advertise on the Web

16. Marketing With Social Media

17. The Importance of Your Website

18. Designing Effective Websites

19. The Six Vital Components of a Website

20. Importance of Repetition and Follow-Up

21. Using Email as a Follow Up Tool


Learn from Marketing Guru Joy Gendusa

Founder & CEO of PostcardMania!