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Joy Gendusa

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Course Overview

1. What you will learn in this course

In this module, you'll learn how to avoid the #1 marketing pain: investing in marketing that doesn't work. You'll receive an overview of the course, basic marketing definitions, and begin your marketing plan blueprint.

2. How to Determine Your Marketing Budget

Wonder how to create a marketing budget that GROWS your business? In this module, learn exactly what critical data points Joy Gendusa has based PostcardMania's growth on for 22 years.

3. Response Rate and Lifetime Value

In this module, you'll find out the lifetime value of your customer, as well as the importance of response rate vs. return on investment.

4. How to Track Your Marketing

Here you'll learn the #1 reason marketing "fails". You'll learn about the importance of marketing tracking, as well as implement simple tracking methods that will help you further determine your marketing budget.

5. Find Out What Your Competition Is Doing

Get ready for some practical exercises! Because in this module you'll do a deep dive into how to analyze your competition (local and regional) so you can improve your own marketing.

6. Unique Selling Proposition

Get ready to stand out from your competition! In this module you'll learn about unique selling propositions and come up with one that will make you the preferred choice in your industry.

7. The Perfect Ad

Your Job as a Marketer Begins With Lead Generation. Everyone has an idea of what a marketer does, but do you know how to start? In this module, you'll learn the tools you need to generate leads.

8. Mailing Lists are Your Target Market

In this module, you'll learn about the efficacy of direct mail marketing and how to use mailing lists to accomplish your marketing goals.

9. How to Design for Marketing

In this module, you'll learn about eye trail and the essential difference and use of features and benefits.

10. Designing for Marketing: Part 2 - The Offer

The offer can literally make or break a marketing campaign. If someone encounters your marketing, you can guarantee an increase in conversion by providing them with a good offer.

11. Designing for Marketing: Part 3

In this module we'll finish covering the 12 elements of design for marketing.

12. How to Effectively Use Direct Mail

How many times should you mail? How many pieces should you mail? How do you know when the best time to mail is? Uncover the answers to these questions and MORE in this lesson!

13. Intro to Online Marketing

In this module we'll introduce the subject of online marketing. We'll cover some key words you must know, and how online marketing is essential to your business in this modern world.

14. How to Get Found on the Internet

Can prospects find you online? With SEO they can! In this module, you'll learn what a keyword is, how to plan and use them, set up a Google My Business account, and a LOT about SEO!

15. How to Advertise on the Web

Know those initial "Ad" websites whenever you search for something? In this module, you'll get an overview of PPC and how to rank your ads higher.

16. Marketing With Social Media

In this module, you'll learn the issue with social media lead generation, how to maximize its efficacy to capture leads, and how Facebook Ads work.

17. The Importance of Your Website

In this module, you'll learn just how correlated your business's success is with the quality of your website and how to design one that converts.

18. Designing Effective Websites

In this module we'll learn about the 10 elements of design every website should have to maximize converting leads into sales.

19. The Six Vital Components of a Website

Not all websites are created equal. Here, you'll learn the 6 aspects every website must have in order to maximize its effectiveness and quality.

20. Importance of Repetition and Follow-Up

Do you buy something the first time you see it? Learn in this module why repetition is so essential and the power of following up with leads.

21. Using Email as a Follow Up Tool

In this lesson, you'll learn how to automate sending emails to effortlessly follow up with prospects and write subject lines so they're opened.


Learn from Marketing Guru Joy Gendusa

Founder & CEO of PostcardMania!

As a business leader, Joy has been awarded the Tampa Bay Ultimate CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur BusinessWoman of the Year in Tampa Bay, and twice been an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Joy’s marketing strategies and accomplishments are much sought-after and can be seen in the pages of Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine and on stage at today's premier business growth and leadership seminars.